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Vine Craciunul.

Si chiar daca nu chiar maine, in ritmul in care scriu postul asta s-ar putea sa ramana aici pana dupa Craciun. 🙂 Simt vacanta si e pentru prima data in ultima vreme (ultimii 3 ani) cand simt sarbatorile de iarna cu mult inainte de vreme.

Enjoy what’s left of your working time! 🙂

Niste reguli in plus fata de ce a scris deja Robert (se aplica si pentru domnisoare, cred):

  • 94. Don’t show off. Impress.
  • 89. When speaking with a journalist, choose your words carefully. (This one is funny.)
  • 82. The most expensive restaurant is NEVER the best.
  • 78. Keep your word.
  • 73. Take the train.
  • 68. Collect things. (Like memories :))
  • 49. Call your mom.
  • 45. Wrap your own presents. Aluminum foil works in a pinch and you don’t need tape.
  • 14. Men with facial hair have something to hide.
  • 6. Follow instructions You’ll be done in half the time. (dedicatie)
  • 3. When shaking hands, grip firmly and look him in the eye. (autodedicatie)
  • 301. Dress for the job you want, not for the one you have.
  • 299. Eat more fish.
  • 290. Order dessert.
  • 275. Don’t be a snob.
  • 274. Don’t settle for a store-bought cake. Bake!
  • 269. If you’ve made your point, stop talking. (tot dedicatie)
  • 261. Admit when you are wrong. Be convincing. (de retinut, de retinut, de…)
  • 238. Read before bed every night.
  • 236. Don’t panic.
  • 235. When singing karaoke, choose a song within your range. Pick a crowd favorite, but stay away from G’n’R.

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